Planning and management of human resources in the medical supply chain

  • Manpower planning and efficiency in the supply chain
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Hospital pharmacy education

Effective financial management

  • The effects of the inventory management systems on the financial structure system
  • The effects of reimbursement applications on the system

IT and e-commerce in the supply chain

  • E-commerce in medical supply
  • The management of IT technology in the supply chain
  • Informatics services procurement methods

Effective inventory management systems

  • Logistics management in hospitals
  • Biomedical procurement and inventory management
  • Efficiency in the process of buying medical devices and equipment

Hospital pharmacy

  • Supply of pharmaceuticals and inventory management
  • Services of hospital pharmacy and drug supply intake

New trends and transformations

  • Central purchasing and storage systems
  • Group purchasing applications in the health sector

Legislation development and applications

  • KIK legislation and practices
  • DMO’s place in the supply chain

SSI, GHI applications

  • the effects of SSI, GSS applications in the supply management
  • Impact of Reimbursement System on the System

TITCK applications

  • Standards
  • Code problems
  • Maintenance, Repair and Calibration

R & D and incentives

  • The development and promotion of domestic production
  • Advanced technology applications

Logistics management in medical supply

  • National demand and transport portal
  • Medical waste management and logistics

The development of inter-bartering mechanism

Audit Court applications

Aspects of Supply in business problems of university hospitals

Supply management in city hospitals

Experience sharing

Payment Problems