General Information

Held with the support and participation of T.R. Ministry of Health, universities, private health institutions and NGOs, Medical Supply Chain Management Congress and Exhibition has enhanced awareness in applications and solutions in the field with the panels, workshops, courses, notices and publications through years and has given a ground for innovative ideas and practices. The congress, which sets off with the following goals and objectives, has been a platform where suppliers and users come together with their new products, service and technologies as well as knowledge sharing in the fields of procurement, logistics, stock tracking, registration, audit, financing and informatics.



Meeting the deficit of human resources in the fields of procurement, logistics, stock follow-up, recording, auditing, finance and informatics. Providing professional information sharing about the newest products, services, applications and technologies in the medical supply chain sector.



Preventing the waste of money, time and space in the medical supply chain. Sharing successful applications.



Taking the necessary steps for the medication and medical device development and promotion of the domestic production in the industry.


Putting forward “Turkey Model in the Resource Management” in the medical sector and providing quality and sustainable health care with the efficient usage of the resources.

Topics of the event:
  • Effective asset management in procurement services,
  • Strengthening of rings in procurement services,
  • Reimbursement and pricing policies in procurement management,
  • Health Market applications,
  • Medical Supply Chain Management in city hospitals,
  • Effective financial management in medical supply, Value-based measurement and payment in procurement management,
  • SSI and Repayment Relations,
  • R&D and Legislation,
  • Procurement Practices in Private Health Sector,
  • Supply Management Problems in the Eyes of Medical Technologies and Producers
The event is created by 4 main titles:
  • Conference Program
  • Training
  • Common Future Workshops
  • R & D Project Market
Management of the scientific part of the event is conducted by the University of Health Sciences. while studies on scientific studies are being carried out through the university, the education section is carried out by the T.R. Ministry of Health.

Conference Program topics:
  • Strengthening the rings in supply chain management
  • Co-operation in supply chain management and co-use in health care
  • Effective Asset Management in Health Services
  • Supply Sector Problems and Solutions
  • Health Market
  • Logistics Cooperation in Medical Supply Management
  • Medical Supply Chain Management in City Hospitals
  • Reimbursement Methods and Pricing Policies
  • Improvement of Domestic and National Production in Medical Supply
  • Traceability and Policy Determination of Medical Devices
Education topics are:
  • Public Employee Financial Rights and Responsibilities
  • Chemotherapy Service Procurement
  • Business Management in City Hospitals
  • Drug Supply
  • Commercial Space Management
  • Purchasing Methods
  • Movable Property Management
  • Grants and Investment Planning
  • Billing Operations

Common Future Workshops: • Common Future Workshop - Value Based Dynamic Pricing Model:How dynamic and value-based price modeling is designed to protect the sector against exchange rate fluctuations. • Common Future Workshop -"Medical Supply on Decentralization and Nationalization":International Medical and Medical Device Industry’s models need to be studied for the product development and production activities in Turkey.
R & D Project Market: Developing cooperation opportunities bringing public and sector together for the products and Technologies in universities with T.R. Ministry of Science and Technology.